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Re: wanting to package wpoison

also sprach Martin Wheeler <msw@startext.demon.co.uk> [2002.09.10.1743 +0200]:
> It is this knee-jerk arrogant attitude on the part of smug self-righteous
> debian developers that theirs is the only One True Way that brings the whole
> Debian Project into disrepute; makes genuinely liberal minds uncomfortable;
> and makes me despair of it.  (It is also what makes people lash back at it
> verbally.  You shouldn't be surprised.)
> I really *don't* want my name to be associated with a bunch of fascist
> conformance enforcers as displayed by this posting.
> The author of this piece of software has made his wishes clear; and they
> should be respected.

I have respected them. I am not going to package it. That enough?
So please, reread your definitions on big words and calm down.

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