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Re: wanting to package wpoison

Ronald F. Guilmette wrote:
> properly.  (It always seem like a lot of people get confused and they
> incorrectly think that (a) proper use of Wpoison will cause the legiti-
> mate search engines to avoid any web site that uses Wpoison.. which is
> just plain false, and/or that (b) Wpoison will cause some innocent
> people to be spammed... which is EXTREMELY unlikely.)

Extremely unlikely or not, I have had at least one email address which
is received by me be demonstratably generated by this kind of tool[1]. I
don't know if I've received spam on it; I don't archive all my spam.

But then anti-spam people have never been very concerned about
collateral damage anyway.

see shy jo

[1] The @mooix.net address at

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