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Re: NMU'ing for wishlist bugs? (aka: intent to NMU bind9)

On Wed, Sep 11, 2002 at 02:47:45PM +0200, Turbo Fredriksson wrote:
> They work fine. '/etc/bind' is a link to '/var/lib/named/etc/bind /var/cache/bind'.
>         [tuzjfi.pts/1]$ file /etc/bind /var/cache/bind
>         /etc/bind:       symbolic link to /var/lib/named/etc/bind
>         /var/cache/bind: symbolic link to ../lib/named/var/cache/bind
> Why wouldn't they work? You probably read them backwards (or I WROTE
> them backwards :)

Umm, I'm slightly disturbed that making a backup of /etc would no longer
save my bind configuration. Isn't this a violation of policy or something?
And yes, it was agreed that mount --bind was better but required a 2.4
kernel and therefore couldn't be relied apon.

Havn't we had this discussion before?

(Though now that woody is released, maybe requiring a 2.4 kernel is no big
deal anymore.)
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