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Re: Work-needing packages report for Sep 6, 2002

Le Tue, Sep 10, 2002 at 12:09:28PM -0700, Michael Cardenas écrivait:
> But in thinking of a name for a list about this, or in thinking of who
> should do this, it seems clear to me that this should be part of
> debian-qa's responsibilities. After all, removing old stuff that noone
> uses makes for a higher quality distro. 

Yes it should be part of debian-qa. But debian-qa needs more volunteer
to handle everything. :-)

> Also, it seems that by announcing in the WNPP that a package will be
> removed on a particular date, you are in effect asking the old
> maintainers, the people who have sent in patches, and maintainers of
> packages that depend on it, since all of those people are DD's and are
> on debian-devel-announce. 

That's not true. Debian developers are on the list but not everyone that
is possibly interested by the package. Furthermore, most people just
skim over the list because it's boring to read. Being directly contacted
is different ... you know, even someone outside of Debian may be
interested and decides to join for maintaining that package. :)

> I would be willing to work with debian-qa on doing this. But, what
> should be the threshold? How old does an orphaned package have to be
> before we make an active effort to find a new maintainer or remove it?

Like you want really, start with the older one and you will never be in
trouble ... unless you work so much that you're looking for new
maintainers for packages that have not yet been orphaned. ;-)

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