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Re: Dumb little utilities

On Wed Aug 28 11:37:29 2002 Allan Wind wrote:

> On 2002-08-27 21:59:28, J. Scott Edwards wrote:
> > tab and untab (I just discovered that this can be done with pr).
> tr

I'm not the brightest bulb in the box, so perhaps it's just me, but tr
seems kind of a complicated way to do this.  I don't even see how to use
it for that.  If I wanted to change all of the files that I have that
are tabbed for 8 stops and change them to 3, to me it seems easier to just

untab -t 8 *.e
tab -t 3 *.e

> > file renamer (that can change case).
> rename

Yup that would do it (it would be nicer if it could do the directories

> > file slicer (that can slice up a file into different size chunks).
> dd?

Yea, that would do it, slightly more cumbersome to use.

> > convert wave <--> raw audio files
> sox

I will take a look at that.


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