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Re: install-info and LSB

On Mon, Sep 02, 2002 at 11:57:03PM +0200, Josip Rodin wrote:
> > The dpkg-iasearch package used to contain a program called dpkg-query.
> > When the dpkg maintainers added a program with the same name, the
> > dpkg-iasearch maintainer renamed his file, without worrying about
> > 'seniority'. I think he did well to do so, don't you?
> > 
> > Debian would do well to rename its install-info for the same reasons.
> "dpkg-query" was obviously very much inside the dpkg namespace. On the other
> hand, dpkg's install-info is both not really in texinfo namespace because it

	As for this issue, even if I did get into dpkg namespace many
other packages (such as dpkg-awk, dpkg-www, dpkg-ruby or devscripts) have
interfered in that namespace.
	Without there being a policy on *who* or *how* program namespaces
should be handled I fixed the bug, but you understand I could have *not*
fixed it and reassigned it to 'dpkg'!
	I wonder if new packages/packages updates could be automatically
checked for conflicts of this kind. It would have taken the dpkg
maintainers an 'apt-file search dpkg-search' to foresee the bug *before*
it happened (and contact me through other non-bug-report methods).



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