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Re: install-info and LSB

On Mon, Sep 02, 2002 at 07:38:08PM +0100, Matthew Woodcraft wrote:
> > I am wondering if we aren't violating the spirit if not the letter of
> > LSB by using a non-standard version of install-info.
> While of course the LSB says nothing about install-info, the fact that
> Debian distributes a program under the name 'install-info' which is
> incompatible with the GNU version can cause trouble for users.

As it has been pointed out hundreds of times, it is GNU that distributes a
program under then name 'install-info' which is incompatible with the dpkg
version. :)

(The version in dpkg has seniority.)

> For example:
> % tar xzf texinfo-4.2.tar.gz
> % cd texinfo-4.1
> % make
> % sudo make install
> will put GNU install-info into /usr/local/bin. As, by default in Debian,
> this is in front of /usr/bin in root's path, package upgrades will
> break.

No Debian user would never do such a silly thing in the first place...

apt-get install {tex,}info

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