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Re: RFC: A regression test framework for Debian packages?

Jérôme> One year ago, Martin Michlmayr made a speach at the Debian
Jérôme> Conference 1 about Quality Assurance within Debian and the
Jérôme> progress that have been made so far.  He mentioned that we
Jérôme> lack regression tests for packages, but as far as I know, no
Jérôme> solution has been found.

>> kronstadt:~# dpkg --status debian-test
>> Package: debian-test
>> Status: install ok installed
>> Priority: extra
>> Section: devel
>> Installed-Size: 34
>> Maintainer: Philip Hands <phil@hands.com>
>> Version: 0.0.5
>> Depends: perl5 | perl
>> Description: Scripts used to run tests against an installed Debian system
>>  This package contains tests and the framework to run them, and test provided
>>  by other packages to test themselves.
>>  .
>>  The intent is that this should build into a test suite that provides a
>>  reasonable level of confidence that a Debian system is working correctly.

Wasn't this at least a start?  Shouldn't we build on it instead of
starting from scratch?

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