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Re: Packages affected by removal of free mp3 players

Joe Drew <hoserhead@woot.net> writes:

> If the worst does happen, and we need to remove all mp3 players from
> Debian, many packages will be affected. Most of these are because of

Why no non-free versions?

> their dependency on libsmpeg, which is the SDL MPEG audio and video
> decoder. Others depend on other MP3-playing libraries, such as libmad,
> mpeglib (which is named oddly), etc. (Please let me know if I've
> forgotten some.) A few packages depend on mpg321 as well - mostly
> front-ends.

"un" versions or "dummy" versions could be provided to make the
software work but not the mp3 features. Would be quite stupid for
mpg321 but for ogg it would make sense. People could then get a real
mp3lib from non-free or somewhere else and replace the "un" version
with that without recompile of the debs.


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