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Pending removal of konverse/kdestudio

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Hi all.  At some near point in the future I'm going to ask for the removal of 
konverse and kdestudio from sid/sarge.

Konverse doesn't work so well and by all appearances seems dead upstream.  
Upstream assures us they're in the middle of a complete rewrite but this has 
been the case for some time now and it's not clear how long it will take.  
Once this rewrite appears I'm perfectly happy to have it back, but until then 
it seems better IMHO to remove it completely.

KDEStudio on the other hand *is* dead upstream; upstream has a notice to this 
effect on their website.  I plan to keep it around as long as KDE2 is in sid, 
but once sid moves to KDE3 I'm again going to request its removal rather than 
do the port.

So if anyone wants to rescue these packages from their imminent fate, please 
mail me; otherwise I'll keep maintaining them until the KDE3 transition and 
then file bugs on ftp.d.o for their removal.


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Ben Burton
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