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Re: Bug#158683: ITP: oggasm -- MP3 to Ogg converter

Fabien Penso wrote:

> I think you will hear soon than the person who posted that to Slashdot
> was wrong and misunderstood the license.
> See the following...
> ,----
> | From: Steve Syatt <ssyatt@ssapr.com>
> | To: patrick.largey@nazeman.org
> | Cc: patrick.largey@nazeman.org
> | Subject: mp3 licensing
> | Date: 28 Aug 2002 11:40:10 -0700
> | 
> | Dear Patrick,
> | 
> | I am the public relations person for Thomson multimedia (mp3 licensing) and
> | was copied on your email.  Please take a look below at the company statement
> | response from Thmomson multimedia regarding the Slashdot posting - which was
> | written by someone who completely misunderstood the mp3 licensing program!
> | Most important, there is no change whatsoever to the mp3 licensing program,
> | which has pretty much stayed intact since its inception in 1995!  Please
> | stay with mp3 - it has always been Thomson's biggest objective to be totally
> | accessible and fair to the consumer, and always will be!
> | 
> | Sincerely,
> | 
> | Steve Syatt
> | SSA Public Relations (for Thomson multimedia, mp3 Licensing)
> `----

So, once again, we see that the folks at Slashdot are not journalists and
have no conception of even the most simple forms of fact-checking. Thank
you, Slashdot, specifically Chris di Bona, who posted the original story
about this.

Okay. So apparently there's no need to drop mp3 decoders from Debian or
other Linux distros (certainly not the non-commercial ones, at least).
In which case, there is no pressing need for people to convert their mp3
files to some other format just to avoid legal difficulties.


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