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Re: Bug#158683: ITP: oggasm -- MP3 to Ogg converter

Craig a écrit : 
 > Furthermore, with the recent announcement of patent royalties from
 > Frauenhofer, it seems that Debian may need to remove all packages that
 > are covered by the mp3 patents, at which point an mp3-to-vorbis
 > converter would either be removed, or would be dependent on software
 > that is no longer part of Debian.

I think you will hear soon than the person who posted that to Slashdot
was wrong and misunderstood the license.

See the following...

| From: Steve Syatt <ssyatt@ssapr.com>
| To: patrick.largey@nazeman.org
| Cc: patrick.largey@nazeman.org
| Subject: mp3 licensing
| Date: 28 Aug 2002 11:40:10 -0700
| Dear Patrick,
| I am the public relations person for Thomson multimedia (mp3 licensing) and
| was copied on your email.  Please take a look below at the company statement
| response from Thmomson multimedia regarding the Slashdot posting - which was
| written by someone who completely misunderstood the mp3 licensing program!
| Most important, there is no change whatsoever to the mp3 licensing program,
| which has pretty much stayed intact since its inception in 1995!  Please
| stay with mp3 - it has always been Thomson's biggest objective to be totally
| accessible and fair to the consumer, and always will be!
| Sincerely,
| Steve Syatt
| SSA Public Relations (for Thomson multimedia, mp3 Licensing)

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