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bugs.debian.org: ChangeLog closes handling should be changed

Package: bugs.debian.org
Severity: wishlist

        Hi there!

 With the addition of the testing distribution we have new problems:
Bugs are closed in unstable but flow more or less slowly (due to
dependency problems) into testing, but are due to the uploads into
unstable long closed.

 What we need is a change here: Bugs should just be closed in unstable.
How to do this?  They should be rather be tagged <sarge> than be closed
by an upload to unstable.  Not unconditionally, of course.  The version
of the bugreport should be compared with the version currently in
testing.  Some sort of algorithm not too complex but able to handle most
of the cases shouldn't be too hard to do (yes, I volunteer to help

 Secondly, the testing scripts should be tweaked, too.  They should
check the differences between the current changelog.Debian and the one
of the version that is going to flow in from unstable and close the
bugreports tagged <sarge>.  Why only those?  To avoid messages tagged
sid that where retagged sid because of problebugreports tagged <sarge>.
Why only those?  To avoid messages that were retagged sid because of
problems that are still in effect in unstable.

 Of course these sugguestions are not foolproof -- but the current
situation is neither.  I sugguest these changes to make the BTS a better
place to track bugs.  Current situation is far from optimal.  We
currently state that there isn't a bug anymore just by closing it with
an upload to unstable.  The fact is that is still is active in testing
and the BTS should live up to that fact.

 I hope that these sugguestion will hit some open ears.  I'm not really
sure if this is the best sugguestion, but it's the one idea I currently
came up with.  Feel free to comment on it, I guess discussion on
debian-devel (*without* the copy to the BTS directly) would be a good
idea, I am thinking of scanning the responses and mail summaries into
the BTS to keep the bugreport current.  If you like, Cc: me offlist if
really needed, I am not subcribed to debian-devel, but I'll watch the
discussion through both the webarchives and news:linux.debian.devel (and
answer from there -- need to finish my setup wrt/ that anyway ,).

 Thanks, and I hope some of the inner circle like the idea.
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