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Security notification script

I have written a python script that allows you to compares locally
installed  packages with those on security.debian.org. Furthermore it
provides a description of the problem/DSA name if the package is
mentioned in the DSA RDF.

The script is intended to be run as a normal user in a crontab, and thus
produces no output if the system is completely upto date.

You will need to install python2.2 and python2.2-xml prior to using the
script which can be found at

Any feedbacl/ideas would be much appreciated. I plan to make some minor
changes and package this up later this week :)


Rob 'robster' Bradford
Founder: http://www.debianplanet.org/
Developer: http://www.debian.org/
Monkey with keyboard: http://www.robster.org.uk/

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