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Re: Convenient way to enable IDE DMA

On 26 Aug 2002, Federico Di Gregorio wrote:

> Il lun, 2002-08-26 alle 21:45, Nate Eldredge ha scritto:
> > As for hdparm, this is complicated with ide-scsi.  For ide-scsi to work
> > you have to make the ide-cd module ignore the scsi-ified drive.  In which
> > case /dev/hdc or whatever it is won't work until you have loaded the
> > ide-scsi module, perhaps by touching /dev/scd0.  So at least in my setup,
> > further complications are needed.
> >
> > (Btw: a nice way to enable ide-scsi might be nice as well.  CD burners are
> > becoming very common.)
> hdc=ide-scsi as a boot param. but don't ask me where i found it, i don't
> remember.

Not sufficient for the kernel-image packages, since everything is a
module.  A couple extra lines are also needed in /etc/modules.  Not a huge
issue, but something a newbie might not know to do.

Nate Eldredge
HMC CS Staff

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