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Re: How to get rid of non-free packers?

#include <hallo.h>
* Peter De Wachter [Sat, Aug 24 2002, 01:25:54AM]:

> It has the following license:
> -- UNACE-SOURCE v1.2b (extract-util) --
> the source may be distributed and used, 
> but I,Marcel Lemke, retain ownership of
> the copyrights to the source.
> ---------------------------------------
> I think this makes it non-free (it doesn't explicitly allow
> modifications), but it may help to figure out the algorithm.

Worse. I considered packaging it (*) but stopped after discussing the
license issue. You are only allowed to use the source, nothing is said
about the binary created. Looks like the qmail-src story.

(*) while extending the support in the unp 

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