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re: First experience with gcc-3.2 recompiles

   I would be cautious about installing a gcc-3.2-built glibc
unless you first purge your system of all binaries that
were built with gcc < 3.1. Jakub Jelinek said he was uncertain
if s390/s390x was an arch that would require a libgcc-compat
be added to glibc. If a libgcc-compat is required you will
see certain old binaries fail under the new gcc 3.2 built
glibc. According to Jakub you can see if this will be the
case by doing the following...

>Basically, you take the list of libgcc.a (formerly) exported symbols
>and scan all binaries/libraries if they have undefined references to any
>of these symbols (as libc.so exports those on ia32/sparc and a few
>others only, they will not be exported on other arches from libc, thus
>are resolved to some unintentionally exported symbol in some other library
>which is going away after rebuild with 3.2).
>        Jakub

...on a machine built entirely with a gcc < 3.1. If you do
find that binaries are showing undefined references to 
any of the libgcc symbols (which are now .hidden in gcc >= 3.1)
you need to construct a sysdeps/s390/libgcc-compat.c or .S
that makes these libgcc symbols available for run-time
resolution (but not exporting them for linking). 
                           Hope that helps.

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