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Re: How to transition to G++ 3.2 wthout any breakage

I've managed to patch both dpkg and glibc.
However the resulting system does not work because some things like KDE
use absolute paths so they would too need to be fixed.

Furthermore, we have the problem of C++ library packages including
non-C++ files. This can only be handled by heavily modifying dpkg to use
a database for files and have a usage count for files in multiple

dpkg would also need to extract the archive in two passes so that all
files in /usr/lib can be moved. But if we do this, libraries that use
hardcoded paths won't work.
Filenames could be remapped by replacing open, etc. but that would cause
odd problems due to different applications differently viewing the

So there isn't a clean solution and even a "good enough" one would
require too much time, so I'll not fix this.

We could still use the dynamic loader patch without the dpkg one but if
the user has to install things of his own, he can solve this without the
modified loader.

If anyone is interested, I can make the current patches and programs
(dpkg, ld.so, c++abi and library mover) available on the web under the

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