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Re: How to transition to G++ 3.2 wthout any breakage

On Sun, Aug 18, 2002 at 06:09:18PM +0200, Luca Barbieri wrote:
> > Of course there is.  You upload new versions of the gcc 2.95 packages,
> > and you make the new gcc 3.2 packages conflict with the old ones. 
> > Nothing is broken in that case.
> False.
> Users will no longer get updated version of any C++ package unless they
> manually remove/recompile any package depending on the old libraries
> which is not yet recompiled or is not in Debian.
> For example, how about calc.cx KDE 3.0 packages that are obviously
> necessary for any KDE user? I don't see any mention of GCC 3.2 on their
> text file so I assume that they aren't ported.

Why is KDE 3.0 obviously necessary for any KDE user? KDE 2.2.2 still
works fine but will probably suffer from the same issue. However, I
will rebuild against gcc 3.2 as soon as libfam/libqt gets rebuilt
against it.


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