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Re: GCC 3.2 transition

>> rmurray@debian.org writes:

 > >  is probably upwards biased).  This would represent a 2% increase
 > >  in the number of packages (1 GB increase in the archive size? 400
 > >  kB average size for a library package?  Sounds ok, we have some
 > >  pretty large
 > 1 GB*12 active archs in unstable == 12GB.  Doesn't sound OK to take
 > the debian mirror from ~60GB to ~72GB.  Unless you are volunteering
 > to buy 4 terabytes of disk space for our mirrors...


 2% * 55 GB is what gave me that 1 GB figure.  I thought that should
 have been obvious, sorry.  It's 1 GB total, not 1 GB per architecture.

 > Now, if we just did a subset of libraries that we have actual
 > examples of being needed, that might be something to consider.  We
 > probably won't know what these libraries are until they stop working
 > for people in sarge, however...

 I don't think I understand what you mean in that last sentence.

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