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Re: Bug#156503: microsoft changed its policy, msttcorefonts broken

Michael Stone <mstone@debian.org> writes:

>> until you try and learn and try again.  The first glyphs you'll do (or
>> the first fonts, ftm) will be total crap.  But you certainly won't
>> produce a fine font if you give up before trying.
> Fine, try it.

I am trying, only with a music font, as a required side project for
LilyPond.  I'll leave text fonts to people writing text based
applications, for now.

> But that's not the sort of thing you need a project for,

FWIW, it has helped me a lot not doing this all by myself.  If it
weren't for others in the project (encouraging, criticizing, fun) I'd
long given up.

> and it's not the sort of thing you can rail against a bunch of software
> developers for not doing.

Well, who else is there?  Some software developers are rather clever,
critical and eager to learn.  If you write a Free Software application
that needs to display text, but you omit a good font, it's useless.


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