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Re: Mozilla 1.1beta?

Hi Erich,

Erich Schubert wrote:
Does anybody know where to grab some debs for Mozilla 1.1beta?

Install mozilla-snapshot.

I did, as written before. No problems so far. Of course I see just
the i386 world.

I vote aginst upgrading mozilla to mozilla 1.1beta because it will break
at least   galeon, skipstone, nautilus.

Sid is the development distro, right? M1.1beta is surely a development
version. The stable version 1.0 is in Woody, AFAIR.

But my question was to find _any_ source for Mozilla 1.1beta debian
packages. .

Even when mozilla 1.1 final is released, these packages need to be
upgraded in sync.

If I understood this right, then there are some common packages for
Mozilla and the tools you mentioned. Why not create a new version
of these common packages to be installed in parallel, to make a
smooth migration possible?



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