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Re: ITP: maria

> I'd really appreciate your help here, as vcg seems to have more layout 
> options than GraphViz, and it might be easier to get vcg running 
> properly (communicating via pipes) on Windows than GraphViz lefty.  At 
> first sight, xvcg seems to lack a scripting language.  I cannot estimate 
> how much time it would take to adapt xvcg to act as a maria-vis 
> replacement, and I'm afraid I won't have the time in the near future. 
> But perhaps vcg could be made a noninteractive visualiser of maria?

I have an impression that vcg does not feed back information to
other application, but I had an impression that  it can be made to 
re-read a file. But I cannot find how to do it in the manpage 
right now.



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