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Re: Menu system rewrite update (Aug 6 2002)

On Thu, 8 Aug 2002, Vinicius Kursancew wrote:

> I just think that the tools and the technical menus must be splitted up into categories like graphical, electronical, math, phisics, dev,
> archive, etc...
> Also the debian-policy should require that, at least X programs must have their menu entry. Like, i have geda-gschem and gpsim installed and it's not on the menu.
In fact you are right.  I would vote for a mandatory menu entry for every
program which has a user interface.  If I include a package into Debian-Med
I carefully check that this is done for the included packages.  Moreover
I add some menu entries for simple commandline tools which just view a
textfile with informations like pinters to manpages, offline available
information documents and online URLs.  While I admit that this would
make no sense for Debian in general I think it is of big help for the
Debian-Med target user audience because they will find a menu entry for
*every* package they installed.  Even if it is just a simple *-doc package
I try to implement a menu which fires up a browser with the URL pointing
to the documentation.

While this might be possible for a defined subset of packages depending from
user interest this aproach would really overflood the menu structure in
general.  That's why I'm so keen on implementing user roles.  Let the
Med- / Jr- users have the menu which system administrators would consider
brain dead boring - because they have better skills to find the information
and hate overloaded menus.

Kind regards


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