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Re: Menu system rewrite update (Aug 6 2002)

On Aug 08, Andreas Tille wrote:
> While I have no real idea how it could be implemented I would like to
> discuss the topic of user roles.  The Debian internal projects Debian-Jr
> and Debian-Med have a big need for this feature and we tried to implement
> some hack for the old menu system.  But I would really like to have this
> feature included into the original design if the menu system is rewritten
> from scratch.

Yes.  One approach that may (or may not) meet your needs is a
Debian-specific category like "X-Debian-Jr" or "X-Debian-Med"; these
menu entries could be presented in a separate menu tree or be the
*only* entries presented to certain users (based on their

Now, implementing this is probably nontrivial, but I hope the code
will be flexible enough to do this.

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