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Re: Bug#155922: ITP: GINF -- GINF is a Web-site creation software for the Linux platform, in the lines of Netscape Composer and Microsoft FrontPage.

On 08 Aug 2002 12:35:38 -0500
Scott Dier <dieman@ringworld.org> wrote:
> On Thu, 2002-08-08 at 08:43, David B Harris wrote:
> > > Yes, you are right. I don't have a high english level. Besides,
> > > I'm
> > If you don't even know the app well enough to write a description,
> > you should not be packaging it - full stop, end of discussion.
> Jeez.  Why not point him to the debian -en localization list and be
> done with it?

Please don't quote me out of context :)

I was referring to what he said a bit later in the paragraph,
immediately after the "Besides,":

"I'm not the author and I don't know everything in the program, so I
copied the description from its web."

I know you don't need to know everything about a program to write a
description :) But if he was unable to write a description (broken
English or not, whatever) without copying from the web site, there is a
SERIOUS issue here.

If it was just laziness, though, nevermind :) (Seriously. If that's all
it was, it's much less of a deal ;)

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