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Re: Bug#155721: psi: psi is gpl links to libqssl1 whose license should be modified lgpl therefore not allowed...

On Tue, Aug 06, 2002 at 11:32:35PM -0500, Chris Cheney wrote:
> psi uses a library, libqssl1 which is lgpl. However, since it links

Psi does work perfectly well without libqssl1 installed. So I wouldn't
say it's linked with libqssl1. 

Look at it this way: Psi, without qssl, surely is not a problem. Yes, it
contains some provision to add a feature that can not be used, but well,
there are loads of unimplemented features in several GPL programs. 

Then, we would violate GPL if we distributed a 'derivative work' of psi
and a non-GPL program. But without modifying psi, how could we create a
derivative work, just by adding a second package which could possibly
combined with psi by the user?

IMHO, this is as much a copyright violation as distributing bash and
some shell scripts which are not GPL.

I'll reassign this bug to libqssl1, because if we come to the conclusion
that there is a copyright violation, I'll remove libqssl1 and not psi,
until there is a solution. (Either a GNUTLS version of qssl, or a
changed license)


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