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Re: Bug#155626: ITP: exiscan -- An email virus scanner for the exim MTA

On Wed, 2002-08-07 at 07:21, David Schmitt wrote:
> Hi Gerfrid, folks!

 Thanks for the offlist-copy. I guess you knew by my unusual mailaddress
that I am currently having problem with my primary mail account :)

> ave you taken a look at clamav?
> david@zion:~$ apt-cache show clamav 
> Package: clamav
> [..]
> Description: powerful anti-virus scanner for Unix.
>  A GPL'ed virus scanner featuring:

 Not yet.  I currently don't have my unstable machine ready (the power
supply unit is broken :/) so I didn't know about amavis-exim neither
while writing this.  I have taken a quick look at it -- does it have
virus signatures and/or can use the databases others are offering?

> I want this package! :-)

 That's a valueable input, thank you, David. Now I know that I'm not
doing it just for me (like it seems with some of the other packages I am

 Have fun,
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