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Re: To hack or not to hack

On Wed, Aug 07, 2002 at 10:24:25AM +1000, Brian May wrote:

> I am not clear how I should deal with bug #155576.
> amavisd-new upstream now recommend a new procedure for using exim with
> amavisd-new. The old procedure is no longer recommended.
> However, the new procedure does not work with the old version of exim
> that is in Debian.
> So I have been asked to include a copy of the old README.exim, as
> I was told that procedure still worked. See bug #154318.
> Now, in bug #155576 I have been told that the new procedure does not
> work without a minor modification to the amavis code.

I have implemented this same method at my site.  I also ran into a looping
problem, and I solved it by using this condition:

  condition = "${if or {{eq {$received_protocol}{scanned-ok}} \
                        {eq {$received_protocol}{local}}}\

instead of the supplied one.  This may not be a complete fix, but it solved
the problem that I encountered.

> ... A modification that would get lost if the package is upgraded.

I only set this:

$forward_method = \&mail_via_pipe;
$sendmail_wrapper = "/usr/sbin/exim";
$sendmail_wrapper_args = "-oMr scanned-ok -i";

in /etc/amavisd.conf.  Sure that will be preserved across upgrades.

> ... A modification that would also break the newer recommended procedure
> with the newer versions of exim (AFAIK).
> What should I do?
> Would it be OK to simply reference the bug report at the top of
> README.exim.old until the new version of exim makes it into Debian?

Honestly, I find the idea of using pipes much more palatable than sending
the message over SMTP twice back and forth to the local host, just to scan
it for viruses.  I hope that this method is not entirely deprecated in the
latest releases.

 - mdz

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