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What do people think of Woody? (was Re: release)

	How about a page "What do people think of Woody?" on our web?
This, and other mails would fit nicely there :)


On Mon, Aug 05, 2002 at 11:23:45PM -0700, Jim McCloskey wrote:
> I just finished upgrading 7 machines in a lab here from potato to
> woody---different hardware, different configurations, different tasks.
> It was astonishingly easy---watch the screen scroll by and obediently
> peck Return every now and then. The smoothest upgrades I've ever done,
> even with the big leap from X 3.6 to X 4.1/2 (I used the test 4.2
> packages for one of the machines).
> You people should really be proud of the quality of the work you've
> done. 
> There are lots of grateful people out there,
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