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Bug#155500: ITP: long-tool - special tool for Lazarus Long

[I apologise for my bad english.]

Package: wnpp
Version: N/A; reported 2002-08-05
Severity: wishlist

* Package name    : long-tool
  Version	  : 1.0
  Upstream Author : The Debian Lazarus Long Taskforce
* URL             : <TOP::SECRET> 
* License         : Lazarus Long License
  Description     : special tool for Lazarus Long
   This is a special tool which was designed exclusively for Lazarus Long. 
   It supports many useful functions like mass-bugreporting.


[some notes by the DLLT]

Ok folks, here goes long-tool 1.0. It took us long time to write it but while 
we coded it, we always remembered that we do it for Lazarus Long, one of 
Debian's cutest users.

long-tool is in fact very simple. It consists of a GUI for X11 and of some
background scripts which do the basic work. 

The main-window is splitted into two different parts - on the left site, there
is a small panel with buttons. On the right site, there is a large status
window (which can display messages by BTS for example).

There are four buttons available at this moment which stand for four
different actions.

The first button is "General Check". As soon as Lazarus clicks on it,
long-tool will search the complete system for files containing bad-words
(Lazarus can configure individually which words are bad for him and which
not). If long-tool finds such a file, it will check if the file was created
manually or if it came with a debian-package. If it came with a package, 
long-tool will automatically report a bug with severity "grave" against the
concerning package.

The second button ("Strict general Check") does basically the same like the 
first one, except that it doesn't send mails to BTS. Instead, it sends mails
to the FTP-Masters, asking for removal of the package, and to DAM, asking for
removal of the Maintainer.

The third button is "Changelog Check". That means that long-tool will check
all changelogs in the system for things that are wrong in Lazarus's perception.
Of course this part is highly configurable, so Lazarus can define himself what's 
wrong and what not. If long-tool finds a changelog with bad stuff, it will
report a "grave" bug against the package immediately.f

The fourth button starts an altered email-client which allows to report bugs
in the BTS directly. It has several extra functions like the "curse-button". 
If Lazarus clicks on this "curse-button", the email-client will insert 20 
desert invectivenesses automatically into the mail.

We could see the big question marks in your face when you red "Lazarus Long
License", so let us declare what the LLL is.

The LLL is in fact the GPL, adapted to Lazarus Long. That means that programs
licensed under LLL may only be used by Lazarus Long himself and that source
licensed under the LLL may only be modified by the DLLT or Lazarus Long.

Some of you may say now that the LLL is not DFSG-compatible. Of course it is
not, but remember, it's _Lazarus Long_!

We hope that long-tool 1.0 will satisfy Lazarus Long until we can release the
next major version of long-tool, 2.0, which will have sensational new features 
like direct root-access on all debian machines.


The Debian Lazarus Long Taskforce, Aug 2002

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