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Re: IPv6 Virtual Package (Was Re: ping and inetd)

On Mon, Aug 05, 2002 at 09:17:47AM +0700, Indra Kusuma wrote:
> its time for IPv6 to be enabled by default, it will not break anything.
> and just come to my mine maybe iputils-ping should split the ping6, same
> with iputils-tracepath split the traceroute6, and theres must be an IPv6
> virtual package contain main IPv6 tools/pkg.

Did you read the originating message of this thread?  It's being
proposed that iputils-ping become the default ping in Debian.  In the
current package state, that means that ping6 would be installed by
default.  I stronly support this idea.  If things do work out this way,
then there is no reason to split ping6 into its own package.

Hopefully between now and when sarge is released we will see improved
IPv6 support in some of the userland software included with Debian.
However, unless we plan on installing a USAGI kernel by default, I don't
think we can really claim to offer high-quality IPv6 support in our
default installation.  Apparently some of the USAGI code is going to be
merged with the mainstream kernel for version 2.6, but I doubt sarge
will take long enough to release that we get 2.6 as the default
kernel. ;^)


Noah Meyerhans
Computer Resource Services, MIT Laboratory for Computer Science

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