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Bug#155352: ITP: im-sdk -- an implementation of Internet/Intranet Input Method Framework

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

The im-sdk is a sample implementation of the Internet/Intranet Input Method
Framework (IIIMF), and is part of the internationalization components that
Sun Microsystems released back in 2000.?? It includes:

 * htt_server: an IIIM server
 * htt_xbe: XIM BackEnd module, an IIIM <-> XIM bridge
 * some sample language engines for use with htt_server.?? Actually I 
???? think that only 'newpy' and 'canna' are truly useful, so I'll only
???? package these two.

More information can be found at

I'll be packaging the "old" version rather than the libiiimf version, as
libiiimf is still under heavy development.

The actual source is a snapshot of the CVS version made on 31 May 2002.

im-sdk is under the MIT license.



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