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ITP: waimea -- a fast window manager using anti-aliased fonts

Package: wnpp
Version: N/A; reported 2002-08-02
Severity: wishlist

packages are available at http://jay.skabber.com/debian

* Package name		: waimea
  Version		: 0.3.3
  Upstream Author	: David Reveman <c99drn@cs.umu.se>
* URL			: http://waimea.sourceforge.net/
* License		: GPL
  Description		: A fast window manager that supports transparency and ant-aliased fonts, based on black box.

The design goal for waimea is to create the most efficie-
nt desktop  working  environment  available.  To  achieve
this waimea is a fast and highly customizable virtual de-
sktop  window manager.  It uses blackbox image  rendering
engine (blackbox styles support) and can use  Xft library
for  font  rendering (anti-aliased font support). It also
features a very advanced configuration system  with
which it's  possible  to make waimea behave as almost any
other window manager.

Jay Graves 

          `=( '

my gpg key is available at http://jay.skabber.com/JayGraves.key

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