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Re: no md5sums for essential packages?

On Wed, Jul 31, 2002 at 12:28:32PM +0200, Alexander Neumann wrote:
> Recently I was playing around with debsums, a nice little tool which
> checks the MD5sums of installed packages. Then I discovered that on my
> actual sarge a lot of packages exist without MD5sums, even some
> essential packages like bash.
> Is there a reason why these packages doesn't have MD5sums?


basically a part of the developers community follows Wichert's
argument, while the others rather used the thing that worked /now./
2. Imho it's the wrong place to do this, dpkg should generate those.
   This has been plannned for ages but dpkg development is currently
   somewhat stalled since we don't want to make too many changes in a
   single release and we can't release 1.10 with the current release
   system (we don't want it to go into woody).
              cu andreas

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