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dselect 1.10.4 not reading new package list information properly

Hi everyone,

I noticed that dselect 1.10.4 doesn't seem to read updated package list
information (package availability information? I don't know what the
proper term for this is.).

For example, after doing an `apt-get update`, running dselect as either
root or some normal user shows packages as either New, Up-to-Date, or
Obsolete/Local, only. It doesn't know which packages are Updated.

Fortunately the latest version of aptitude seems to be working fine (so
I know that this is not a problem with my `apt-get update` or with my
apt sources).

AFAIK dselect 1.10.4 is still the latest in Sid, and I can't seem to
figure out from the list of oustanding bugs if any of them are about

Am I just doing something wrong, or is dselect 1.10.4 broken? dselect
1.10 on another box doesn't seem to be affected with this problem, so it
must have crept in somewhere after 1.10 (during which I remember there
were some "moving around" things done with the dpkg-disk methods or
something like that, if this information will help).

Thanks a lot in advance! :)

 --> Jijo

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