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Re: pam_console for debian

Hi christophe!

You wrote:

> What do you call an ugly hack ? 

What I call the ugly hack is to have camera access only for the person
at the console. What if someone is logged into X at vc8 and someone else
temporarily switches to vc1 to read out camera data? What if I have a PC
with the camera connected to it and am working on the diskless xterminal
that is standing next to it? What if I'm working remotely and I call
home to ask my roommate to plug in the camera? etc, etc.

> My point is not to use pam_console. Instead I am asking if there is a
> clean way to know which user is in front of the computer. If yes, it
> would be possible to give access to the only one that have interest on
> it.

My point is that is not not always logical that the user behind the
console is actually using the camera.

> Giving everyone in a given group access to the camera (the current
> solution) is not ideal.

Why is is not ideal?

Kind regards,
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