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Re: dpkg-source v2

Colin Walters wrote:
> Ok, let's take a step back for a second.  We're basically considering
> introducing all this complexity because we want to be able to include a
> debian/ directory in the upstream .orig.tar.gz.  
> Is it really worth it? 

That's not the whole of my reason for wanting to give some control over
what directories things unpack into, it was merely a launching off
point. I think that without some such control the format is not really
flexible enough. Without it some packages will require messes of
symlinks be set up at build time to approximate the right directory
structure. Making the debian tarball no longer be a special case offers
the hope that other distributions may one day choose to use the same
source format as well. Consistency between the source trees of single
and multiple upstream-tarball packages is nice especially when cvs is

Piling on another special case of renaming the debian directory of the
single .orig.tar.gz, iff there is only one .orig.tar.gz and it has such
a directory doesn't excite me.

see shy jo

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