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Re: That little libpng affair

>> Junichi Uekawa <dancer@netfort.gr.jp> writes:

 > >  We want this to happen in a finite ammount of time, don't we?

 > Involving upstream has a large drawback in that it is usually slow process.

 Thank you.

 > Consult upstream, if the upstream is changing soname, do it when soname
 > changes.

 "it" meaning that what you wrote after that sentence?

 > This needs to be done in mass.


 > 1. Rename the shared library package name, for example, from
 > libgtk2.0-0 to libgtk2.0-0png3

 Does that involve changing the soname or not?

 There's a significant archive bloat that has to be considered.  Your
 proposal would create about 100 new packages and make a whole bunch of
 stuff uninstalable in unstable -- you didn't mention renaming the souce
 package anywhere, which means that source package foo generating
 libfoo0 and libfoo-dev is replaced by source package foo generating
 libfoo0png3 and libfoopng3-dev, which is a major headache, plus the
 side effect of package bar depending on libfoo0 being unstalable until
 it's recompiled (because libfoo0 is gone) and a bunch of stuff being

 If you are not changing the soname (because upstream hasn't changed it
 yet) all you are trying to accomplish is prevent things from breaking
 in testing (nothing enters testing until everything has been
 recompiled, c.f. dissapearing packages above).  Clever submission of
 bug reports achieves the same thing.
 If I missed something please spell it out in a big neon sign (i.e.,
 please don't reply with your usual "no" and make me ask "why?" -- save
 us all some time).

 > I think at least kdelibs3, and imlib1 are missing from this list.

Package: berlin-kit-image
Package: clanlib2-png
Package: dcoppython
Package: gdk-imlib1
Package: gnustep-xgps0
Package: imlib1
Package: kdebase-libs
Package: kdelibs3
Package: kdelibs3-bin
Package: kdelibs3-cups
Package: kdepim-libs
Package: koffice-libs

 all those have "Section: libs" and depend on libpng2.

 The other option sounds better.  Similar ammount of work, too.


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