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Re: Open GIMP 1.0 bugs

Il lun, 2002-07-22 alle 23:38, Martin Michlmayr ha scritto:
> The packages for GIMP 1.0 and 1.1 were removed from Debian a while ago
> (The current package is gimp1.2).  However, there is a bunch of 1.0/1.x
> bugs which are still open.  It would be great if someone who has some
> time and knows GIMP well could go through these bug reports and either
> close them with an appropriate message if it's fixed in 1.2 or
> reassign them to the gimp1.2 package (gimp1.2-nonfree, gimp1.2,
> gimp1.2-perl, libgimp1.2-dev, libgimp1.2).

looking at the bugs. i'll close the ones i am sure are fixed or are not
real problems.

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