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Re: The next release (was: Planned packages for sarge)

>>>>> "craig" == Craig Dickson <crdic@pacbell.net> writes:

    craig> Thomas Bushnell, BSG wrote:
    >> Yeah, this is the weirdest wart in English, in my opinion.
    >> bimonthly means every two months; semimonthly means twice in each
    >> month.
    >> biennially means every two years; semiannually means twice in each
    >> year.
    >> "biannual", sadly, is a synonym of semiannual.  Wart!  Wart!  Wart!

    craig> Actually, it's even worse than that. According to the American Heritage
    craig> Dictionary, "biannual" can mean either semiannual or biennial,
    craig> effectively making the word completely useless.

Or completely useful, depending if you are the user or use-ee.


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