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Re: Woody++ (IMDB Research Provides the Answer)

On 07/22/2002 6:27 AM, Leonardo Boiko at leoboiko@linuxbr.com.br wrote:

> Debian gundam! Debian sayajin! Debian lain! Debian kusanagi!
> Debian ayanami! Debian battousai! Debian ikari! Debian tenchi! Debian
> freeza! Debian sakura! Sugoi!
> ^_^

There is something to be said for Debian ayanami, I must admit.  If any
Evangelion character represents the "Debian way", it would be the quiet
competence and uniform stability of Rei Ayanami.  Furthermore, her
occasionally near suicidal sense of loyal self-sacrifice fits in well with
the occasionally too prevalent mindset among Debian developers of
much-put-upon, unappreciated, but always elite, noble, volunteers.  Finally,
simply put, Ayanami's hot :-)


P.S. I must admit though, that the Lord of the Rings names was quite a good
suggestion too - a neverending supply of good names in that treasure trove.

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