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Re: Woody++ (IMDB Research Provides the Answer)

Hi Luke,

Luke Seubert wrote:
> Names available from Toy Story:
> ( http://us.imdb.com/Credits?0114709 )
> Lenny the Binoculars
> Three Eyed Alien
> Admittedly, these aren't such hot choices - really minor characters all in
> all those two.  Sarge was the last really good choice available from Toy
> Story.  Debian 3.1 lenny and Debian 3.2 alien don't quite cut it.  I think
> even the most marketing-phobic Debian developers would agree that those
> names aren't slick enough ;-)

What's wrong with lenny?
alien _is_ bad, but lenny?

> Debian jessie is a good name.  Hmmmm, redheads. . . . . . hmmmm.


> Wheezy.  Debian wheezy.  Yes, I can see it now - in big lights on Times
> Square - Installing Debian wheezy is Breezy!  Good name.  And OK, OK, maybe
> a bad slogan ;-)
> Debian heimlich.  Yes, Heimlich was in Toy Story 2 - it was a brief cameo -
> he got crushed in the weeds.  Not a good name.  Besides, Debian heimlich
> sounds like software that chokes and barfs up a chicken bone all over the
> keyboard.  Nah.

I also think heimlich is not a good name..

> Debian zurg.  Now that is a cool name.  And remember, at the end of Toy
> Story 2, Zurg turned out to be a good guy, so using the name is cool.
> Personally, I think Debian zurg should properly honor Zurg, Emporer of the
> Universe, for the Debian release that includes not just the Linux kernel;
> but HURD, FreeBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD as kernel options too.  THAT Debian
> release will truly be one to rule the universe :-)

Then we have to use 'zurg' if the GNU/Hurd and the GNU/*BSD ports are
ready ;)



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