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Re: Jigdo mirrors?


[We need testers for the STILL UNOFFICIAL Debian 3.0r0 DVD images!
If you have a DVD writer, fetch a DVD from
http://cdimage.debian.org/jigdo-area/3.0_r0/jigdo/dvd-test/ now and
please report back on debian-cd whether it boots and works!]

On Sun, Jul 21, 2002 at 11:27:50AM +0200, Matthias Jordan wrote:
> By trial and error I found out that the templates and jigdos are
> also available from non-us.cdimage.debian.org. Alas, regardless from
> where the jigdos were downloaded, jigdo-lite always tried to
> download the templates from us.cdimage.

You can download both .jigdo and .template to the current directory
and then give the jigdo file to jigdo-lite, it will pick up the local
template file.

> I played with the jigdos and found out they are gzip'd and changed
> the template's URL inside the jigdo to non-us.cdimage. The download
> was /much/ faster than from us.cdimage. I'd suggest to somehow make
> this more transparent and easier to use. It will be more useful to
> the users and would loadbalance Debian's bandwidth.

jigdo-lite already has support for relative URLs in the .jigdo file,
ATM the Debian files still use absolute URLs to support older
versions of jigdo-lite, such as the one in woody.

If the jigdo file uses a relative URL, the template will be downloaded
from the same place as the jigdo file - this is definitely the way to
go in the future.



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