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Jigdo mirrors?

Hello, folks!

I downloaded a couple of CD images with jigdo yesterday and found
out that there is a severe bottle neck in the system as it is
currently implemented. The .jigdo files are available from
us.cdimage.debian.org. While the .jigdo files are pretty small,
the templates are big. The server was that crowded yesterday that
it would have taken me 8 hours for the template for 1-nonus
alone. And there seems to be no graceful way to use a mirror for
this. By trial and error I found out that the templates and
jigdos are also available from non-us.cdimage.debian.org. Alas,
regardless from where the jigdos were downloaded, jigdo-lite
always tried to download the templates from us.cdimage. I played
with the jigdos and found out they are gzip'd and changed the
template's URL inside the jigdo to non-us.cdimage. The download
was /much/ faster than from us.cdimage. I'd suggest to somehow
make this more transparent and easier to use. It will be more
useful to the users and would loadbalance Debian's bandwidth.


Matthias Jordan

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