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Re: Recent fun on Debian-Security

Le Friday 19 July 2002 à 13:08:07 -0400, Phillip Hofmeister a écrit:
> One thought that occured to me is to recruit volunteers for spam-prone lists
> that would have real-time blacklists capabilities.  Someone could log into a
> system and say "Add this address to the list's blacklist".  This could be
> accomplished via sudo (to run the script as a user /w privlidges to the
> blacklist) and a well written perl script.  If the consensus is hat this would
> be a good and implementable idea then I can write the perl script.  I would
> also volunteer to monitor the lists I am on...


Sush a system of real-time blacklist mainted by email already exist for
french users, see http://perso.linuxfr.org/nospam/spam.html. A robot is
listening an email address, it receives GPG signed emails with copies of
spam mail and command to add an email or a domain in the blacklist.
Anyone can listen to the list and reproduce the robot actions on it own
MTA access files or regulary download the files directly on
http://perso.linuxfr.org/nospam/user.txt and

Maybe this robot could be reused, see with penso@linuxfr.org.


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