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upstream bug reporting tool?


how should an DD handle upstream bug reporting scripts (e.g. pre configured
Gnats clients)? ircii for example ships a "ircbug" program for that purpose.
I left it out, cause I expected the debian user to use the debian bug
reporting. This has the advantage, that the ircii author is not bothered
with upstream bugs. In case of ircii the work with the upstream author works
pretty well, he even reads debian bugs himself and sends me hints on how to
close them.

I know that some other packages ship those reportbug programs unmodified,
some may even modify them as to ask the user if he realy wants to report
this upstream instead of debian. What do you think?

I could also place the script somewahre in share/doc/ircii, but I feel that
this is the wrong place, even if a lot of packages place contriv stuff

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