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Re: Where is Debian going?

On Wed, Jul 10, 2002 at 03:45:30PM +0200, giuseppe bonacci wrote:
> 3. a `testing' distr., which seems to be something in between, in that
>    software versions have been frozen several months ago, and there is
>    plenty of pending bugs.

This statement is nearly false. testing is currently frozen because it's due
to be released. Normally, it's not frozen. Yes, it's taking us some time.
But maybe, just maybe, that's because we're doing it for the first time?

> And worse, some developers feel that they are working in maintaining
> obsolete packages, or in preparing and debugging packages that (although
> perfectly clean and usable) will not be used by people around the world
> for a long time. (cfr. Adrian Bunk retirement from Debian)

This is also a nearly false premise: Adrian is one in several hundred. Some
of us developers here do actually have more hope and persistence than those
that quit.

Dissent is in the core of how Debian works -- sometimes it results in people
quitting, but much more often, it does not.

BTW there's no such thing as a perfectly clean package.

> Other OS distributions, like FreeBSD and Solaris (TM), have addressed this
> issue, and separate clearly the operating system from additional software.
> They offer base distributions that are rather complete (but customisable)
> and light.

And BTW don't even get me started on how messy the Solaris 8 Sendmail package
is :)

> This scheme is an over-simplification
> you should recognise that the current scheme does not work.

You should recognize that we are well aware of the drawbacks of the current
scheme, and that we aren't sticking to it (just ;) because we're obtuse, but
because the often proposed supposedly simplified and better new schemes have
not been proven to actually work for Debian.

People talk a lot about forking Debian and stuff like that, yet it never
really happens. Perhaps, just perhaps, there are real reasons why it doesn't?

(Besides, of course, our Cabal, which isn't ours and which doesn't exist
either, that eliminates anyone that tries it. :)

Oh well, the fun of pointless discussions on -devel never stops...

     2. That which causes joy or happiness.

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