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killall is optional

Hello developers,

I would like to remind you killall is in the psmisc package which is

There is two alternatives with Required packages:

kill `pidof` (kill is in procps, pidof in sysvinit)
skill or pkill (both in procps)

procps is Required, sysvinit is Required and Essential: Yes.

The lintian warning info for killall-is-dangerous should add warning about
this issue.

Please use skill -c ... instead of killall in the command field of Debian menu
files in /usr/lib/menu, kill `pidof` should be avoided here, since too many
window managers do not accept backquotes in commands see

At least oneko, xfishtank, xroach and xhangglider use killall in woody.

yellowpig% grep killall /usr/lib/menu/*(.)
/usr/lib/menu/oneko:  title="oneko/stop" command="killall -TERM oneko"
/usr/lib/menu/xfishtank:        title="xfishtank - stop" command="killall -KILL xfishtank"
/usr/lib/menu/xhangglider:  title="xhangglider - stop" command="killall -KILL xhangglider"
/usr/lib/menu/xroach:   command="killall -KILL xroach"


Bill. <ballombe@debian.org>

  FHS 5.3: As of the date of this release of the standard, system crash were
  not supported under Linux. 

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