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possible start of mass bug reports (was: libtool cruft in .la files in /usr/lib)

#include <hallo.h>
enrico@debian.org wrote on Mon Jul 01, 2002 um 06:07:58PM:

> If you try to do a "grep debian /usr/lib/*.la", you'll find that some
> libraries point to the directory they were installed to by the make
> install command in debian/rules.  Some of such libs are libkaffevm.la,
> liblber.la libldap.la, libldap_r.la, libmng.la, libpaper.la and others.
> Two questions:
>  1) Should this thing be reported as a bug?

Imho yes. Independent of your mail, I just filed a bug against libarts,
since having .la files in the library runtime packages makes different
versions not installable at the same time. See #152485, see below.

>  2) How hould debian/rules be changed so that libtool writes the correct
>     path in the .la files?

IMHO they can be moved with the "good old fileutils" to the
appropriate package or /dev/null.

zgrep 'usr.lib.[a-z-_]*\.la' /download/Contents-i386.gz | grep -v dev | wc -l

Especially KDE people seem to give a f*k on the policy...

zgrep 'usr.lib.[a-z-_]*\.la' /download/Contents-i386.gz | grep -v dev | grep 'kde\|lib.k' | wc -l

.oO( And tell others to recompile _their_ packages when changed libarts
version and force everyone to remove old library because of conflicting
files ).

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